Friday, March 4, 2011

How to Sue the State of Texas

In 2301, in several lectures - notable federalism and civil rights, we discussed state sovereign immunity and the concept that a state has to allow itself to be sued in order for that to be allowed as a remedy. Here's an example from Burka Blog:

The former Texas Teach coach has retained Capital Alliance, formerly known as the Eppstein Group, to oversee the filing and passage of a bill giving Leach permission to sue the state. Bryan Eppstein confirmed the facts to me in an interview earlier today.The suit is the result of what Leach has contended is a wrongful termination of his contract by Texas Tech following his suspension and subequent firing in December 2010.

Burka's post goes on to point out the part of the Texas Code that details the procedure for such bills.

FYI in case you ever need it.

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