Wednesday, July 27, 2016

From the Texas Tribune: Texas Cemetery Scraps "Whites Only" Policy

Seems about time. Enforcing equal protection gets tricky when it affects the private sector.

Note the use of the courts as a remedy.

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After drawing ire for its alleged “whites only” policy, a Texas cemetery conceded its refusal to bury Latino residents is discriminatory and violates federal and state law.
Lawyers for the cemetery association, which oversees the San Domingo Cemetery in the tiny, rural town of Normanna, admitted defeat in court on Friday as part of a lawsuit filed after Dorothy Barrera was unable to bury the ashes of her husband, who was Latino, in the cemetery.
As noted in a court filing, the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund accepted the cemetery association’s “offer of judgment,” proposing that a judge should enter a ruling against them for the policy and should declare their “rule of discriminating” based on race and national origin as “void.”
MALDEF brought the lawsuit after Barrera found herself at the center of a modern-day desegregation fight. After the death of her husband of more than 40 years, Barrera, who is white, realized she would be unable to be buried beside her husband Pedro because of the cemetery’s whites only policy.

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