Wednesday, November 16, 2016

From the Washington Post: It’s not just the Cabinet: Trump’s transition team needs to find nearly 4,000 appointees

Trump's transition has been in the news recently, here's a look at what this entails. When we discuss the executive branch we mention the dividing line between the civil service and political appointees. This illustrates where that line is drawn.

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When President Obama leaves office, more than 3,800 of his appointees will vacate their jobs as well. That means President-elect Donald Trump’s small and relatively inexperienced staff has about two months to build a new administration.
Positions range from high-profile advisers and Cabinet posts to ambassadors, small agency directors and special assistants. Team Trump is already soliciting résumés.
These are the positions filled by presidential appointees in 2012. The Office of Personnel Management has not yet released numbers for 2016.

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