Sunday, June 12, 2016

Putting the pieces back together

And here are a few items related to the respective efforts of each candidate to adjust themselves towards the political center in an effort to win the general election.

The most commonly used term is "pivot." More on that soon.

- The New Republic: How Many Young Bernie Supporters Does Hillary Clinton Really Need?
- The Fiscal Times: Why Sanders’ Supporters Might Not Switch Their Votes.
- NYT: Hillary Clinton Denounces Donald Trump as Untrustworthy on Women’s Issues.
- AP: Back in Washington, Clinton, Trump work toward party unity.
- The Washington Post: Romney loyalists’ divisions over Trump spill out into the open at Utah summit.
- The Washington Post: Trump doesn’t have a national campaign. So the GOP is trying to run one for him.
- The Washington Post: After briefing with Trump’s chief strategist, House Republicans see ‘pivot’.
- The Hill: Evangelicals give Trump stamp of approval.

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