Tuesday, January 24, 2017

1/23/17 - Trump signs three presidential memorandums

Here's the skinny:

1 - Withdraws the U.S. from the Trans-Pacific Partnership - click here for it.
2 - Imposes a freeze on the hiring of Federal - non-military - civilian workers - click here for it.
3 - Reinstates the "Mexico City policy" aka: a block on funds for international family planning charities unless they agree to not discuss abortion - click here for it.

- What is a presidential memorandum?

a type of executive instrument typically issued by the President of the United States to manage and govern the actions, practices and policies of the various departments and agencies found under the executive branch of the United States government. Presidential memoranda and executive orders are closely related, both have the force of law on the Executive Branch. While executive orders are numbered a presidential memorandom is not. Presidential memoranda are generally considered less prestigious than executive orders. Presidential memoranda do not have an established process for issuance or publication.

- For more: Presidential memoranda vs. executive orders. What's the difference?

For stories related to each:

- NPR: Trump Signs 3 Memorandums, Including Withdrawal From Pacific Trade Deal.
- Chicago Tribune: Trump signs executive orders on TPP exit, federal hiring freeze, global abortion policy.
- NYT: Trump Abandons Trans-Pacific Partnership, Obama’s Signature Trade Deal.
- The Atlantic: Here's What Trump's Latest Executive Orders Do.

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