Friday, January 20, 2017

A variety of issues on the agenda of the 85th session

At least a partial list right now - expect more:

- The "bathroom bill," also know as the Women's Privacy Act.
- Border security
- Sanctuary cities.
- The Franchise Tax
- Reforming public school funding
- Abortion - burial of fetal remains
- Property tax relief
- Funding for Planned Parenthood
- Constitutional Carry
- Reforming Child Protective Services
- Private school vouchers - "education savings accounts"
- Rules related to ride-hailing: Uber and Lyft.
- Ban on texting while driving
- Limits on toll roads
- Outlaw use of traffic cameras
- Reforming marijuana laws
- Ethics reform: Lobbyists disclosures, transparency
- Mental care access.
- Highway funding
- Pension reform
- The costs of higher education
- Open records reform
- Local control
- Criminal justice reform

That's plenty for now.

Here are a handful of sources for more info on these issues:

- Austin American Statesman: Your Guide to the 85th Legislative Session.
- Austin American Statesman: 85TH TEXAS LEGISLATURE.

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