Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Essay Topic for GOVT 2305

1000 Word Essay Topic
GOVT 2305

Obviously the major story this spring on the national level is the transition of the presidency from Barack Obama to Donald Trump. As you are probably aware, this is more than just a transition from one person to another, it’s a transition from a relatively traditional – though not extreme – liberal to a conservative, albeit an unconventional one. So we should expect changes in how the presidency will operate, what policies it will produce, and how it will implement the law.

In this essay I want you to look at specific area of public policy and explain what changes we might see in it – or not, perhaps there will be no change in it. If that’s the case, explain why as well.

You have plenty of public policy areas to choose from, and plenty of places to look for information, though you should be careful about where you go. Over the course of the semester we will talk about items related to the topic, but start thinking about what areas of public policy you might want to focus on. Here are a few areas to consider:

- environmental policy
- labor policy
- civil rights
- military policy
- regulatory policy
- trade policy
- health policy
- diplomacy
- tax policy
- drug policy
- energy policy

And this just scratches the surface. I’ll provide more guidance later in the semester, but for now I’d like you to select an area to focus on. Read up on the direction taken by the Obama Administration on it and what changes the Trump Administration might make to it, as well as how they might do it. Also speculate on how successful they might be.

The final product should be at least 1000 words long, be objective, contain at least three outside references, and follow standard writing convention like MLA. And of course, its best that the work be grammatically solid and well written.

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