Thursday, February 16, 2017

A nice and pointless rant - Animal naming scientists need to get their act together.

Animal names are stupid. So are the scientists that classify the animals. Who decided that whales belong in a category of mammals such as lions and bears and not with other aquatic animals? The whale is clearly a fish. It has fins, lives in the water, and swims. Who cares that its babies are born alive? That's not how we should be classifying animals. The only difference between a frog and a toad is warts. I guess the animal scientists wanted to receive credit for discovering a new species rather than tolerate the idea that a frog can have acne. We see a similar situation with crocodiles and alligators. One of the reasons experts say that crocodiles are different from alligators is that the 4th tooth on the bottom sticks out. So somebody looked at an alligator and decided that they discovered an entirely new species rather than thinking that the gator has messed up teeth. People have messed up teeth all of the time and we have to go get braces to fix it. Alligators cannot walk into an orthodontist and get braces, so they have to live with their imperfections. A loss of access to an orthodontist does not constitute a new species. Another thing that really bothers me is the color that scientists use to name animals. If you look at the red panda and the red squirrel you will come to my conclusion that they are not red. They are orange. Not red. Orange. Animal naming scientists need to get their act together.

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