Sunday, February 12, 2017

A nice and ranty rant

 Any advice you have is appreciated.
I currently live with my parents and go to college and work full time. I take my personal sleep very seriously. I take 8 am classes in order to get decent hours at work. I am up late usually doing homework, gym, tv etc. So my room sits on the other side of the wall of my kitchen and every morning my mother wakes up at 5 am even though she goes to work a 9 am. We have an olde English bulldog which is about the size of a pitbull but stockier. Together these two are louder than a construction site in the mornings and it makes no sense to me. This scenario causes me to wake up hours earlier than necessary and nothing can help my sleep including prayer. I have tried fans, music, and tv. The only remedy would be to move out or kill the dog I am undecided on which to do.

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