Friday, February 10, 2017

Rant of the Day: WHO CARES ABOUT PROM?????

I'll post more, but this sets a high bar.

It is only January (well February now) and everyone is already planning everything for prom. I understand that we need to plan things like the limo and the beach house ahead of time, but it should not have to be this stressful! In January alone, we had two prom meetings and in a week from now are expected to pay a deposit! Which by the way is nonrefundable!! So, if someone decides to change prom groups after paying the $100 deposit, they will not be receiving their money back!! And we have to know who our dates are going to be already!! I have 2 months to figure this out!! I should not have boy upon boy lined up already as a possible date!! I haven’t even gotten to what I am most mad about! My so called “best friend” dropped out of our prom group without even telling me! I thought our friendship was better than this but apparently not! And all her reasons of dropping out did not make any sense at all! She is leaving because two new groups have invited her into theirs and I guess they’re better than her actual friends! But she isn’t even the only one who dropped out either!! Another girl dropped out too and my other best friend wants to leave and take me with him! He is speaking to other groups on my behalf and didn’t even think to come to me first before talking for me! The only person that can talk for me in any situation is my mom and last time I checked he didn’t give birth to me. I am just so over prom and it is nowhere near close to happening. I just wanted to have a good time with my closest friends but now all I want is for it to be done with!! I should be feeling excited and giddy like any normal teenage girl but instead I could not care less about it! I’m not even excited to go dress shopping! But then again, I’ve never really been normal, according to my parents, so why am I even worried about it, I’ll be out of this school sooner than later! Peace out High school!

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