Monday, August 29, 2016

1000 Word Critical Essay - Fall 2016 - GOVT 2305

I'm posting the assignment here for convenience. You can also find it on Blackboard.

Since this is a presidential election year, I’d like you to develop a topic related to it. The campaign for the general election is underway and it’s an interesting one. You will have little problem finding a worthwhile angle to pursue. Here are some possibilities:

- What impact is each candidate having on their respective parties? - What are the major issues each candidate is running on? Where do they agree and disagree? - What are the polls telling us about the competitiveness of each candidate? - What impact is each candidate having on other races on the ballot this November – think about the House of Representatives and the Senate. You might want to consider state races as well – state legislatures and governors. - How is each candidate conducting their campaigns? Think especially of Donald Trump’s unusual campaign so far.
- Where is the money coming from to fund these campaigns? What impact is that likely to have on how the winner of the race will behave once in office?

You can develop your own, but please stick to the 2016 race.

The basic requirements of the paper are:
- 1000 word minimum length - At least three references - Proper formatting – use what you are comfortable with, MLA is popular - General legibility

I've posted items related to the topic over the course of the year, and will continue to do so. You can access them by clicking on the following:

- 2016 campaign.
- 2016 election.
- 2016 primary election.

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