Tuesday, August 30, 2016

From NPR: Republicans Consider Lasting Impression Of Trump On Their Party

A few leading figures in the party offer their thoughts. Will "Trumpism" survive Trump?

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Some highlights:

. . . without Donald Trump, Trumpism falls flat. Without the showmanship, the TV star personality, Trumpism a dead letter.
The establishment in Washington, in my view, has increasingly grown out of touch about where it was getting its votes from. Donald Trump, I think, understood where our votes were coming from. . . . whatever happens, I think it's going to be very hard for the Republican Party to go back to the agenda that it had before.
I see the Republican Party as a conservative party that has a stronger populist strain than it's had since the Bushes. Whether Trump wins or loses . . . the GOP will never again be the party of entitlement reform, open borders, nation-building and big trade deals. But in order for this new Trumpist agenda to appeal to a broad range of Americans it has to appeal to young people, minorities and suburban women, all groups that Trump himself has alienated with his raw appeals to white identity politics.
. . . if you break Trumpism away from some of the toxic comments about immigrants, some of the race-baiting comments, at least when it comes to birtherism - if you break it away from that, does it still have the same appeal?

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