Tuesday, August 30, 2016

1000 Word Critical Essay - Fall 2016 - GOVT 2306

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Along with the presidency, Texas voters will select a new Texas House and half of the Texas Senate this year. I want you to research the campaign so far and determine what issues are dominant. What does this tell us about what issues will preoccupy the next session of the Texas Legislature and how – or if – they will be resolved?
Here are few items that have been newsworthy: - The impact of oil and gas prices on the Texas Budget - Education funding - The cost of higher education - Criminal justice reform - Federal court orders on foster care in Texas - Sanctuary cities - Further expansions of gun rights
Other items are topical as well, so do some searching and see what comes up.

The basic requirements of the paper are:
- 1000 word minimum length - At least three references - Proper formatting – use what you are comfortable with, MLA is popular - General legibility

I've posted quite a bit on the subject - and will post more.

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- 85th Session.

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