Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Are there more federal laws than the president can enforce?

That seems to be the point in one of the links I followed in one of the articles I linked to in the previous post. We are all - he claims - federal criminals. We just don't know it, and fortunately for us, the federal government lacks the resources to nail us.

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Here are some of what we have done that might make us federal criminals:

1. Used any of the hundreds of substances banned by federal law
2. Underpaid federal taxes
3. Cut corners in your business dealings.
4. Mishandled supposedly dangerous substances or did a poor job of supervising workers who handled them.
5. Violated a wide range of miscellaneous federal regulations.

For more:

- Everyone Is a Criminal: On the Over-policing of America.
Are You a Criminal? Maybe You Are and Don’t Know It.

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