Friday, April 29, 2016

About that final exam

Next week is the last day for ACC classes. We will mostly wrap up and review. Check blackboard for the date of the final - or ready your syllabus - or check on the ACC website.

Your paper - as well as all other work - is due Thursday 12th at noon.

Click here for a review for each test.

- 2305.
- 2306.

About 10 or so questions on the final will be based on events that occurred over the semester, especially those we talked about in class. Here are links to blog posts to events I consider fair game for each class.

Note: I might add a few links prior to Monday - I'll have the test completed by then and will know more clearly what stories are especially useful to you.


- Iowa Caucus Results.
From 538: Scalia Was Almost Never The Most Conservative Justice On The Supreme Court.- A Matter of Interpretation: Federal Courts and the Law Antonin Scalia.
- From Vox: What are “superdelegates,” and what do they mean for the Democratic nomination?
From the Brookings Institute: Angry voters dominate the presidential primaries.
- Politico: Trump's 6 populist positions His challenges to GOP orthodoxy spur soul-searching among party elites about how to snag working-class voters.
- From 538: When Political Parties Splinter.
From the NYT: Republican Leaders Map a Strategy to Derail Donald Trump.
- From the Pew Research Center: Contested presidential conventions, and why parties try to avoid them.
Trump v The Republican Party.
One person one vote rule upheld.


- From the Texas Tribune: Analysis: The Winner-Take-Some Texas Primaries.
From the Austin American Statesman: Appeals court dismisses Rick Perry’s criminal case.
From Slate: John Oliver Explains Our Nation’s “Ghost Governments,” With Help From Some Adorable Kids.
- Will the legislature re-regulate college tuition?.
- From the San Antonio Express-News: 'Dark money' disclosure fight heading back to the Texas Legislature.|
From the Texas Tribune: Republican Presidential Race Fueled Record Primary Turnout.
From Legal Insurrection: Conservative support grows for criminal justice reform.
From the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal: Tort Reform is Killing Trial by Jury.
From the Texas Tribune: Courts Rebuff Texas Bid to Slow Foster Care Reform.
From the Houston Chronicle: City bond rating downgrade reflects oil bust, pension problems.
From the Texas Tribune: Multiple Lawsuits Could Spell Budget Doomsday for State.
- From the San Antonio Express-News: Libertarian and Green parties gather for state conventions.
- From NPR: From Fracking Bans To Paid Sick Leave: How States Are Overruling Local Laws.

Good luck - let me know it you have questions.

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