Sunday, April 10, 2016

From the San Antonio Express-News: Libertarian and Green parties gather for state conventions

Several times in both 2305 and 2306 we've discussed that neither Texas not the U.S. is really a two party system - unless you are referring to competitive parties of course. The Texas Green and Libertarian Parties not only exist, but regularly have candidates for most races on the general election ballot. None has yet to win a seat in the legislature though - election rules do not make it easy for smaller parties to win. Neither does the sense - promoted by the major parties - that voting for either makes it more like the other guy wins.

Nevertheless - the faithful of each gathered in San Antonio for their conventions to select their candidates for the general election. The process is established in the Texas Code.

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The Texas chapters of the Libertarian and Green parties each held their state conventions in San Antonio this weekend to select candidates for the general election.
The Libertarian Party, which held its convention at the Norris Conference Center at the Park North Shopping Center, selected statewide candidates for the upcoming November ballot. They also picked party officers, proposed amendments to the party platform and rules and chose delegates to send to the party’s national convention in Orlando, Florida in late May.
Five of the Libertarian presidential candidates, including former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson and antivirus software pioneer John McAfee, were in San Antonio Friday night for a debate that was live-streamed.
Libertarian Party state chair Kirk Hildebrand believes this contentious and polarizing presidential election, notable for the success of anti-establishment candidates like Democrat Bernie Sanders and Republican Donald Trump, presents a huge opportunity for Libertarians to make inroads with voters frustrated with the two-party system, particularly millennials.
“We’re looking at 2016 to be a breakout year for the LP,” Hildebrand said.
For San Antonio resident and convention volunteer Cassie Villela, 28, the Libertarian Party has become the only realistic alternative to the “old parties” of Republicans and Democrats.
“I think they’re outdated, they don’t represent my viewpoints,” Villela said of the other parties. “There’s no way I could vote Republican, because I don’t hate gay people or Mexicans. I can’t vote for Democrats, because I also have my own business, and I see what the taxes and regulations are doing to business.”
She believes Libertarians are getting even more of a closer look now that the Republican and Democratic presidential front runners are Trump and Hillary Clinton, a former U.S. secretary of state and first lady.
“It’s starting to wake people up as far as how ridiculous things are getting,” Villela said.
Across town, the Green Party held its state convention at the Grey Forest Clubhouse. They also selected delegates to attend the party’s national convention in Houston in August.

Here's an article from the Texas Tribune about their conventions in 2012:

- Libertarians and Greens Select Nominees This Weekend.

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