Sunday, April 10, 2016

How much voter fraud exists in the U.S. and in Texas?

An underlying issue in the previous post is whether voter fraud is a serious issue in the nation - or at least whether it is rampant. What do we know how about how much voter fraud exist in the nation and what type of fraud exists?

Here are a few random items on the question - I don't intend to get too bogged down in it, but it's worth a quick discussion in both 2305 and 2306.

- Ballotpedia: Voter Fraud.

- U.S. New and World Report: Is Voter Fraud a Real Problem?

- RNLA: Vote Fraud News.

- Politifact: Light a match to Greg Abbott's ridiculous claim about 'rampant voter fraud'

- National Review: Voter Fraud: We’ve Got Proof It’s Easy.- Mother Jones: 9 Facts That Blow Up the Voter Fraud Myth.

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