Sunday, April 10, 2016

From Ballotpedia: Ballot access requirements for political parties in Texas

For more detail on how to create a party in Texas - the state recognizes only four.

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The Texas Secretary of State's office offers the following advice:

- Starting a Party and Nominating Candidates.

For their fuller look at ballot access for major and minor party candidates across the nation click here.

Here's a total list of minor parties and the number of ballots each is on across the nation - this includes DC - which is why it adds to 51.

America First Party1
America's Party1
American Constitutional Party1
American Independent Party1
American Party1
Americans Elect Party3
Conservative Party1
Constitution Party12
D.C. Statehood Green Party1
Democratic Party51
Ecology Party1
Grassroots Party1
Green Independent Party1
Green Party18
Independence Party5
Independent American Party3
Independent Party5
Justice Party2
Labor Party1
Legal Marijuana Now Party1
Libertarian Party34
Liberty Union Party1
Moderate Party1
Mountain Party1
Natural Law Party2
Pacific Green Party1
Party for Socialism and Liberation1
Peace and Freedom Party2
Progressive Party2
Reform Party3
Republican Party51
Socialist Party1
Socialist Workers Party1
Tea Party1
U.S. Taxpayers Party1
United Citizens Party1
United Independent Party1
Veterans Party1
Working Families Party4

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  1. Here is an exercise for your students: Imagine that every state used Maine and Nebraska-style district election of Presidential Electors rather than the winner take all system (which is impossibly tilted to only the moneyed establishment parties). THEN, imagine that instead of placing the names of each party's presidential nominee, the actual names of the Presidential Electors were on the ballots. Electors not affiliated with any ballot-qualified party could petition to get on the ballot and run for Presidential Elector. In other words, make the Presidential Elector position an actual elected position. Remember, with discrete single presidential elector districts, the ballots would not be any more crowded than they are now. Now imagine each presidential elector CANDIDATE out campaigning in their district instead of all the ridiculous media circus that we currently have with the Trump/Cruz/Hillary/Bernie crowd. IMAGINE LOCAL PE candidates actually discussing the issues with voters rather than all the hype and sound bytes. Then, the winning Presidential Electors would get together someplace and caucus. IMO, I think this would solve most of our electoral problems.