Thursday, April 14, 2016

From CNN: Latino vote: Will the sleeping giant finally choose the next president?

This has been predicted - incorrectly - for several elections. Will it be true this year?

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Will Latinos -- now the nation's largest minority -- choose the next president and make history, too?

The answer may boil down to Nevada and eight other states, all places where Latinos could determine who becomes the next president -- if they vote in sufficient numbers, according to
a new study by City University of New York in partnership with CNN en Espa├▒ol. 
The signs are optimistic.

Latinos are already voting in higher numbers: In 1992, they cast only 3.9% of all votes at the national level, but their share is projected to approach 10% in November, the study said.
The study identifies nine small and big states where Latinos could flex their growing muscle and actually swing the vote for the White House: Nevada, North Carolina, Virginia, Colorado, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, as well as the delegate-rich states of Florida and Ohio.
"States with relatively small percentages of the total national Latino electorate will probably determine who will be the next president of the United States," the study said.

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