Monday, September 12, 2016

From the Texas Tribune: Analysis: Pointing the Finger When It Comes to Low Texas Voter Turnout

Maybe voters aren't at fault. And maybe political leaders really don't want people to vote.

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If voter turnout is really going to be used as the measure of civic health in Texas, legislators should make voting compulsory.
You know that’s not going to happen — and that’s okay because not voting is also a way of registering your opinion. Perhaps you don’t care who wins, you don’t put much importance on a particular election or a particular lineup of candidates makes you want to hold a pillow over your face and scream.
So don’t vote if you don’t want to. It’s your franchise, to do with as you will.
Yours, that is, except when lawmakers impose regulations that make voting more difficult: restricting when people are allowed to register to exercise their right to vote, limiting early voting times and locations and which kinds of proof of identification the authorities will allow.
If lawmakers wanted everybody to vote, they would make it easier.
They would be working to find and remove impediments to voting, the same way successful businesses smooth the path between their customers and their products.

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