Sunday, September 18, 2016

From the Houston Chronicle: Turner: White Oak Music Hall needs a permanent stage

City atuff.

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Mayor Sylvester Turner said Wednesday that the White Oak Music Hall development team will not receive a new temporary permit for its outdoor stage.
Turner's statement suggests that unless the developers get a permanent permit and stage for its outdoor venue, the shows scheduled on that stage after Oct. 5 will not legally be able to be held at the new Near Northside music complex.
Turner responded at a City Council meeting Wednesday to developers' comments in a Chronicle article in which developer Will Garwood indicated he planned to take down and then re-erect the temporary stage and request another 6-month temporary permit for the structure. The developers previously told the Chronicle that have "eventual plans" to build a permanent stage but planned to operate the temporary stage in the meantime.
Turner made it clear that plan would not work for his administration.
"No one is going to tear down a stage and come back and get a temporary permit," Turner said. "That's not happening.
"They need to work on a permanent permit and I expect them to take the steps to do that."

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