Friday, September 16, 2016

Rant of the Day

Lot's to pick from.

I'll post more.

What really drives me insane is slow walkers. My rant is about those type of people. When I go to the mall I plan to shop, not spend four hours walking behind a turtle!! I really do not understand why you would go to the mall and walk slow? There is a million people at the mall why would you want to spend your time walking slow and getting bumped into??? When I go to the mall I want to get what I need and leave, and I do that by speed walking to each store and“shooting the gap”. If you want to walk slow and talk and blah blah GO WALK ON THE BEACH,or even a park, maybe even up and down your street, but the mall is not the place. Ok I understand not everyone can walk fast I know slow walkers like to shop to, and if you are as low walker don’t stand in the middle of the aisle SCOOT TO THE SIDE! It is just like a road there is a fast lane and a slow lane pick your choose and get on with it. Even worse than malls are high schools. When you are in high school and the bell ring you have 10 minutes to get to your next class. I do not want to be stuck behind you and your boyfriend making out and trying to walk, I am trying to get an education here, LIKE GO HOME!! I do not want to be tardy and I really do not want to be watching you and your boyfriend being a little to friendly in school.Thank goodness those days are over and I am in college and that does not happen here…. I hope… So just a little tip to all you slow walkers out there, GET IN THE SLOW LANE 
Ps. Have you even thought about internet shopping? #slowwalkers

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