Friday, September 23, 2016

Robin Williams? Another rant of the day

My rant is that Professor Jeffries looks too much like Robin Williams. Of course, this is
debatable that he even looks like him, but it really, really bothers me walking into class every other day of the week and then get a small glimpse of Jefferies walking in through the door and I get this tiny little glimmer of hope that it actually is him and that he didn’t commit suicide two years ago but no, it’s just false hope when I realize it’s merely my Texas Government professor. And not only that, but because of the alikeness the two have, I end up mourning Robin Williams even more and I feel like binge watching all of his films from Good Will Hunting to Dead Poet’s Society to Aladdin or maybe even Mrs. Doubtfire for the heck of it on my phone but nooooOOOOOooooo I need to pay attention in class and act like everything is okay even if Jefferies isn’t jumping on the desks like Williams did in Dead Poet’s Society. The amount of sadness that I have walking in the class knowing that I have a doppelganger teaching me Texas Government instead of being a really cool and charismatic genie pulls at my heartstrings so much I feel like they are going to burst at any given moment. So yes, this concludes my rant.

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