Thursday, September 1, 2016

From the Texas Tribune: Texas Lawmakers Learn Details of Ride-Hailing Laws in Several Other States

An example the state acting as laboratories of democracy, and more on what might be covered the next legislative session.

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As Texas lawmakers consider filing legislation next year related to ride-hailing companies, they learned Tuesday that more than 30 states have passed laws calling for some level of regulation of companies like Uber and Lyft.

A report presented by Texas A&M University's Transportation Institute analyzed state and municipal regulations since 2012. It found that 24 states passed legislation requiring ride-hailing apps, sometimes referred to as transportation network companies, must apply for a state permit before operating. The report also found that 30 states require background checks on the driver before or a specific amount of time after the driver begins working.

“Transportation network companies have expanded rapidly to cities worldwide,” Ginger Goodin, a senior research engineer and director at the institute, told House Transportation Committee members at a hearing Tuesday. “However, they do not fit neatly within our current regulatory schemes.”
Although committee members didn’t discuss future bills at the hearing, it’s no secret a handful of lawmakers have plans to draft legislation for the 2017 session, which starts in January.

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